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In literacy this week, the Infants have been learning about labels and captions and have started work on designing and labelling their own map! We have learned what a key is and found out a useful phrase to help us remember: the key helps unlock the map so we know what it is showing us.

In maths Year 1s have been working hard on their teen numbers which can sometimes be tricky to remember. We have been concentrating on the value of these numbers and have been using the numicon to help us. Year 2s have been looking at splitting numbers up into tens and units and were so successful with this that they started to look at three digit numbers too! Very impressive!

This week also saw Roald Dahl day and so we took the opportunity to look at George's Marvellous Medicine. The children had a go at drawing and writing their own recipes:

We also undertook some science and tried to make an exploding medicine just like George did. We used vinegar, food colouring, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda though, which are much more pleasant ingredients! We conducted two experiments and the children had a great time. Rufus predicted that altering the size of the top of the bottle would affect the result “It will come out quicker because the top is smaller.” Great prediction Rufus!


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