Owls (Y5/6)

Spring Term Activites

This term our topics were The Ancient Greeks and electricity. We have had an amazing term exploring both of these areas. We have created a play in a day, Greece is the word, and an Ancient Greek party!

In art, we have been looking at installations. We have looked at modern installations and have then linked it to Ancient Greek art and architecture to discuss the influences it has had on modern day art. We made our own installations by, “making something out of something else.” Can you guess what they are?

When exploring electricity, we have created doodle bugs by building circuits with motors and fans and attaching them to our little colouring creations! 

Aspirations for 2023 Watercolour Calendars

Bewerly Park

Art Day at Ampleforth College

Autumn Term 1 Activities

This term our topic was, Race Around the World. We have looked at all the continents and picked countries, cities and famous landmarks to look at in depth. We have also had a talk from a travel agent and planned trips that we would like to go on in the future! One of our favourite activities was making Sushi!