Robins (Y3/4)

Autumn Term 2 Activities

This half term, our topic was ‘From Stone Age to Iron Age.’ We learnt about life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We explored the changes that took place during this period in history, looking closely at their way of life and how tools developed to assist them. We visited the Moors Centre at Danby to introduce the topic, doing shelter building and other activities. In Science we learnt about Rocks and Soils. In English we explored the text, Stone Age Boy. We made inferences, predictions and had a great time exploring the Stone Age through this text.

Autumn Term 1 Activities

This half term, our topic was ‘No Place like Home.’ We learnt about our local area, some history of local buildings and went for a walk in the locality. We explored both physical and human features while out on our walk. We also learnt about the wildlife we might find in our local area, with a visitor from the North York Moors National Park. We used local produce to make apple crumbles and seasonal vegetable tarts!