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PE Physical Education

2016/17 Gymnastics and swimming awards

BAGA gymnastics awards.Well done everyone

Award 8 Jack F, Rufus, Lucinda, Daithi, Connor, Eve

Award 7 Abi

Award 6 Lewis, Simeon, Oliver, Benjamin, Ryan

Award 5 Georgia, Becky, Olivia St, Olivia Se, Obie, Tyler, Natalia, Laura, Elisabeth, Alice, Ed

Award 4 Esme, Hannah, Mooie, Megan, Rosie

Award 1 Emilia, Jasmine


Swimming awards Well done everyone

Stage 1 Jack F, Jack B, Rufus

Stage 2 Jessie, Lucinda, Connor, Daithi

Stage 3 Tyler, Ryan, Benjamin, Georgia, Becky, Lewis

Stage 4 Natalia, Obie, Eve, Abi, Simeon

Stage 5 Mooie, Alice, Esme

Stage 6 Hannah

Stage 7 Jasmine, Emilia, Rosie, Elisabeth

Bronze challenge Olivia St

Silver challenge Laura, Megan, Olivia Se, Oliver

Gold challenge Ed

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