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Gillamoor CE (VC) Primary School

‘First the blade, then the ear, then the full grain’ Mark 4:28
Our Values; Honesty, Love & Care, Respect

Our rural and community focused school aims to enable everyone in our community to flourish through a focus on nurturing first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain (Mark 4:28); from the youngest child to the oldest member of the village. Inspirational learning through curiosity and commitment will encourage aspiration and the desire to be the best they can, in their work and through the respect, care and love they have for each other. Enabling a life lived in all its fullness. 

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An AGAPE Picnic Easter 2022

Welcome to our Agape picnic

  1. Agape means “God’s love”
  2. It is a very old way of sharing food together at Easter
  3. During our meal, we remember that God is always with us.
  4. Light three candles 

SONG Lord of the Dance 


After picnic

2 x READINGS by Children

  1. “When God freed his people from slavery, he said to Moses, “Remember this day and celebrate it as a festival to God.” (Exodus 12.14)
  2. “During their last supper together, Jesus picked up some bread and some drink, said ‘Thank You’ to God, and shared it with his friends.” (Mark 14.22)
  3. Everyone together says, ‘Thank You God, Amen’
  4. Extinguish candles

Hinduism Day 2022

Shoes boxes filled with Christmas presents for ‘Children in Distress’ charity in eastern Europe. Surplus books sent to schools in Ghana, Africa including teaching resources.

Nativity play, ‘Whoops-a-Daisy Angel’ December 2021.

Agape Picnic 2018

On Monday 26 March we had an Agape picnic at school which was also shared with parents, grandparents and members of the local community. It was great to have so many people join us for our Easter celebration.

We shared some prayers and bible readings before we had our picnic.

Alice said, ‘I really enjoyed the Agape picnic and the lovely food.  I lit the three candles because I am the oldest pupil in the school. The candles stand for God, Jesus and the Holy spirit.’

Nathan said, ‘I liked the picnic and blew the candles out because I am the youngest in the school.’