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12/04/2024 – Adventurer Visit to Flamingo Land

The Adventurers visited Flamingo Land Zoo as part of their Under the Canopy Unit of work. They were treated to a rainforest creatures talk by the ranger, and were strangely excited to handle cockroaches and stick insects. They also enjoyed exploring the zoo with the ranger as their tour guide and learnt a lot about different adaptations to rainforest habitats.

22/02/2024 – Exhibition of Learning for Learning Means the World: Culture units.

We were delighted to welcome more than 40 visitors to our Exhibition of Learning, from new-borns up to grandparents, to celebrate the end of our first ever Learning Means the World units. From Asia, in the Explorers room, to Africa up in the Adventurers, before finishing off in Australia and America with the Navigators, we really have opened our eyes to many different places around the world already. It was fabulous to see the pride with which the children shared their knowledge. The choir, led by Miss Burke, brought our exhibition to a lively end with their rendition of Roar which went down a treat! Thank you to everyone who attended.