At Gillamoor we pride ourselves of providing a wide variety of inclusive sporting opportunities.  We are part of the Ryedale Sports Partnership and attend competitions on a regular basis throughout the year.  100% of all KS1 and KS2 pupils took part in at least one inter-school competition at Ryedale School in 2021-2022.

2021-2022 Sports Results.

Ryedale School Competitions

Sept.2021 – Y5/6 Football -3rd Place 

Oct.2021 – Y3/4 Football 3rd Place

Nov.2021 – Y5/6 Tag Rugby 4th Place

Nov.2021 – Y3/4 Dodgeball.3rd Place.

Jan. 2022 – Y3/4 Netball. 3rd Place

Jan.2022 – Y5/6 Netball 3rd Place

Feb.2022 – Y1/2 Multi Skills. No Places given

Mar.2022 – Y3/4 Sports Hall Athletics 3rd Place.

Mar 2022 – Y5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Overall 1st Place 

Track Events 1st Place 

Field Events – Emmerson 1st Place Javelin

Jessie, Lucinda, Lola -1st Place – Chest Push.

Miracle -1st Place Standing Long Jump.

Mar 2022 – Y5/6 Regional Finals, Sports Hall Athletics 3rd Place.

Emmerson 1st Place Javelin

Ethan {Y2} 2nd Place Javelin

April 2022 – Y5/6 Girls Cricket  2nd Place

April 2022 – Y5/6 Boys Cricket {Gillamoor fielded 3 Girls in the team} 3rd Place

June 2022 – Y3/4 Rounders 2nd Place.

June 2022 – Y1/2 Multi Skills. No Places given.

Sports Competition Results 2019 – 2020

  • Y1/Y2 Multi Skills – 4th Place
  • Y3/4 Dodgeball _ 5th Place
  • Y3/4 Benchball – 3rd Place
  • Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Pupils all entered cross country
  • Eve – 1st in Y5 Girls Individual cross country
  • Reece = 2nd in Y4 Boys Individual cross country
  • Y5/6 Gymnastics Team- 3rd Place
  • Y3/4 Gymnastics Team- 4th Place
  • Jessie- 3rd in Individual Gymnastics
  • Y5/6 Basketball- 3rd Place
  • Y5/6 Netball. A Team 5th Place B Team 6th Place
  • Y5/6 Tag Rugby – 3rd Place
  • Y5/6 Football -Boys Team 3rd Place Girls Team-5th Place
  • Christmas Aerobics Competition Y5/Y6  Ateam 2nd Place B Team 3rd Place
  • All the Competitions above took place at Ryedale School.