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Us as a Church school

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done;
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
for ever and ever.

Junior end of day prayer

Lord, keep us safe this night

Secure from all our fears

May angels guard us whilst we sleep

‘Til morning light appears

Thank you for Gillamoor School

Where God’s love is sown, grown and taken home.

Junior Grace before lunch

For what we are about to receive

May the lord make us truly thankful.

Infant prayer for the end of the day

God our Father

Hear our prayer

Day and night we’re in your care

Bless all those with whom we play

Make us kinder every day.

Infant Grace usually sung before lunch

Thank you God for food to eat

Thank you God for food to eat

Thank you God for food to eat

Right where we are!

Agape Picnic 2018

On Monday 26 March we had an Agape picnic at school which was also shared with parents, grandparents and members of the local community. It was great to have so many people join us for our Easter celebration.

We shared some prayers and bible readings before we had our picnic.

Alice said, ‘I really enjoyed the Agape picnic and the lovely food.  I lit the three candles because I am the oldest pupil in the school. The candles stand for God, Jesus and the Holy spirit.’

Nathan said, ‘I liked the picnic and blew the candles out because I am the youngest in the school.’

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